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Marangoni 27.00R49 MDT Recaflex

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Marangoni 27.00R49

Marangoni 27.00R49

These specialised 100 tonne dumper tyres are on offer this month only for £5295 each!

These Marangoni tyres have bi-directional tread design and enlarged base.  They also have excellent self-cleaning features. They are ideal for heavy-duty applications while ensuring high average speeds at the same time.  Its tread compound is characterised by low heat development, thus ensuring optimum hourly performance.

Don’t forget the 5 Year Guarantee! 

The guarantee covers Earth-Moving tyres retreaded by Marangoni, against any fault that may be attributed either to the manufacturing process or to the quality of the materials used.

A tyre returned under warranty will be inspected by Marangoni’s specialized technicians and if:

  • no more than 5 years have passed since the manufacture date;
  • no evidence of flaws is detected due to incorrect usage, impacts, sharp-edges objects;
  • the tyre has received regular maintenance,

then, Marangoni will proceed:

  • to retread the tyre, if deemed possible


  • to credit the remaining value of the tyre.

Marangoni can make this commitment because of the implementation of high technical production standards that are internationally recognized and the exclusive usage of high quality materials.