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VLT & L5 Bridgestone Tyre Special

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Bridgestone - Your Journey, Our PassionDiscount prices for Bridgestone VLT & L5 for details please contact us.

VLT  E3/L3

Bridgestone VLTVLT tyres offer best cut resistance and long tread life with superior traction on rocky or gravel surfaces in mines, quarries and construction sites.

Originally developed for ADTs working on road construction and earthmoving, the VLT offers a non-directional pattern with efficient self-cleaning necessary in muddy conditions. Its manoeuvrability and riding comfort allows this tyre to also be fitted on wheeled loaders.

Sizes available: 23.5R25, 26.5R25, 29.5R25, 750/65R25


Bridgestone VSDL L5This premium radial tire provides excellent stability and features tread compounds for severe loader applications.
•  Extra-deep tread and shoulder protection resists cuts and impacts
•  Excellent traction in severe conditions
•  Designed for extra-heavy-duty loader performance

Sizes available: all sizes

Offer ends 30th of April 2014.