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Tyre Fill – 15% discount in October 2014

× Update This offer has expired.

Punctures are frustrating. They prevent work, interrupt schedules and ultimately increase costs. Tyre fill attracts a 15% discount in October 2014 when you quote TFOCT. Puncture-proof your preferred brand of pneumatic tyre to reduce costs, particularly in work environments where risk of puncture is high. T&C Site Services Ltd use Arnco’s patented tyre flat-proofing products, which reduce downtime related to punctured or flat tyres.

Tyres are filled using liquid polyurethane, delivered via the valve stem, until it replaces all of the air. The liquid fill solidifies, forming a synthetic rubber core. Filled tyres offer a softer ride than solid rubber tyres. Tyres are filled to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure. Filled tyres retain pressure for the entire service life eliminating the need to check and maintain air pressure. While not indestructible, filled tyres cannot be punctured – which could drastically reduce downtime. Filled tyres are ideal for waste transfer, recycling and building sites. If your vehicles operate in an environment with a high-risk of puncture, tyre fill may bring considerable savings. Contact a local representative; they have the knowledge and experience to help you get the best performance from your tyres.

To receive a 15% discount on tyre fill, please quote TFOCT when requesting the job.

Offer valid throughout October 2014 only.