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29.5R25 XLDD2A Michelin Factory Run Special

29.5r25 Michelin XLDD2A Factory Run

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Get them before they’re gone!

Just £3995 each!  Limited availability.

29.5R25 Michelin XLDD2A Factory Run Special

Tyres specifically made for loaders operating in difficult conditions.

The tyre has exceptional traction with massive tread blocks and aggressive, open tread centres, which provide better lateral adhesion and more efficient loading for machines working the face. The extra deep tread pattern, L5, of this tyre gives outstanding wear life potential.  The sidewall-tread intersection design provides excellent resistance to damage and cuts. Offset tread blocks come into contact with the ground progressively and therefore guarantee a comfortable ride.  A wide, square tread gives better stability in loading operations and whilst travelling. Repairing and retreading is maximised due to the extreme reliability of the casing.

Benefits of the Michelin Radial Technique:

  • long tyre life
  • better traction on all types of surfaces
  • lower fuel consumption
  • improved comfort
  • increased resistance to punctures / flats
  • increased heat resistance
Offer valid until 30 September 2016.




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