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Continental Industrial Tyre & Rims

10.00R20 Conti RT20 Tyres & Rims

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10.00R20 Continental RT20 Industrial Tyres on 10 Stud Rims

£570.00 each (only 2 left in stock)

Get them before they are gone!  We have only two 10.00R20 Continental RT20 Tyres on 10 Stud Rims left in stock.  If you would like to purchase these don’t delay.  Call us now on 01782 202349.

  • Increased tire life: Outstanding mileage, durability, and damage resistance in extreme conditions
  • Comfort and traction on soft and uneven surfaces
  • Stiffened sidewall technology that can adapt to uneven surface
  • Maximum tilting stability
  • Reduced energy consumption and CO2 output via low rolling resistance rubber compounds
  • Excellent comfort and handling: Ride comfort and reduced vibration for driver and protection for fragile goods
  • Damage resistance: Higher durability due to industrial tire construction and low abrasion tread compound with resistance to damage caused by cuts and tears
  • Tread: Extra deep tread depth, heavy duty rugged tread blocks  and multiple angled tread edges
  • High productivity and lowest total operating cost in tough working conditions
10.00R20 Conti RT20 Tyres & Rims

10.00R20 Conti RT20 Tyres & Rims





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