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Bridgestone VJT Discount 2017

Bridgestone VJT

× Update This offer has expired.

15% Discount on list price!

Bridgestone VJT: V-Steel J-Traction

Available Sizes: 17.5R25, 20.5R25, 23.5R25, 26.5R25 and 29.5R25

Discover outstanding driving comfort with premium traction tyre for loaders. 

Bridgestone’s VJT tyres offer outstanding traction, stability, durability and safety without compromising in terms of riding comfort.  The VJT has advanced non-directional tread patterns for extra gripping power which ensures the same excellent traction moving forward or backward.  They also have low vibration for supreme riding comfort and robust construction providing maximum reliability and longer speed range.

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Outstanding Rigidity & Reliability

VJT sidewalls are optimised to minimise damage from cutting.  Cut resistance is further enhanced by protectors to guard against tears and cuts due to heavy loads.

VJT Tie-Bar

VJT Tie-Bar

Extra-low Vibration – Extra Comfort

For double reinforcement the left and right centre blocks on the tread surface are connected by two tie-bars. Upon surface contact these tie-bars minimise longitudinal and lateral elongation and deformation of the centre blocks.  This reduces internal friction, minimises irregular block wear and extends the life of the tyre.  The increased strength results in less vibration, less tyre wear and improved driving comfort.

Blocking Vibration

As the tyre travels, two specially designed vertical columns of centre tread blocks keep vibration at a minimum level.

Tough, Robust & Durable

VJT’s extra-deep tread places it in the highest category for tread volume, resulting in longer tyre life.  The VJT will keep on performing.



VJT Size & Dimension Details

VJT Size & Dimension Details

Offer valid to 31 May 2017.


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