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Triangle Tyre Discount Extended

Triangle TB598

Our February Triangle tyre discount has been extended through the end of March!

Continued for the month of March; we are offering a discount per Triangle tyre when you purchase a set of 4 or 6. The Triangle offer applies to specific sizes and to the TB598, TB516 and TL538S+ patterns. The discount varies per tyre size. Discount details:

Triangle TL538S+


20.5R25 – £50
23.5R25 – £50
26.5R25 – £75

Triangle TB598


23.5R25 – £50
26.5R25 – £75
29.5R25 – £75
750/65R25 – £50
875/65R29 – £125

Triangle TB516


23.5R25 – £50
26.5R25 – £50
29.5R25 – £150


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