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Bridgestone VLT Discount

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Get £300 off a set of 4 Bridgestone VLT tyres. That is £75 off per tyre! Order yours today.

Bridgestone VLT

Offer valid for the following sizes:

  • 23.5R25 E3/L3
  • 26.5R25 E3/L3
  • 29.5R25 E3/L3
  • 750/65R25 E3/L3

These radial tyres are suitable for wet, soft and muddy surfaces. They have excellent maneuverability, traction and flotation while ensuring a very comfortable ride due to the superb stability.

Bridgestone VLT tyres are ideal tyres for Dumpers, Loaders and Scrapers.

Original tread depth for tyre are: 23.5R25 – 42mm, 26.5R25 – 45mm, 29.5R25 – 48mm and 750/65R25 – 43mm. Offer valid from 1st March to 31st  May 2020.


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