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Information regarding cookies on our website

Cookies are small chunks of information that your browser stores in a directory. They are used for a variety of reasons, from the required functionality of a shopping system to simply storing some user preferences to enhance user experience. You can find out more regarding Cookies at

T&C uses for cookies for the following functions:

None of the cookies used by T&C store any personal information about any of our web site visitors. Configuring your browser is the safest, most practical, way to control cookies on your computer. Cookies are used by the following domains:, and

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a tool we use to track the number of visitors we have and various details about the software you use to view it. A simple analogy: If you think of our web site as a shop, you can think of our cookies as notifying us when someone walks in – like a door bell. It will also let us know when they leave. It does not tell us who you are or anything about you, no personal information is obtained or requested. Google Analytics allows us to cater to our audience, provide up time for the number of users we have and provide an all round better service.

For the full list of cookies stored by your browser, consult Google’s helpful information page.

Contact Form

The contact form we use to collect people’s registration information for the Hillhead 2012 event merely remembers if you have completed the form and does not present it to you again if you have. This only lasts for the duration of your visit. It does not store any of the information you entered into the form (this is all held on internal system). We do not share information with any third parties.