Large company capabilities - small company values

Mission Statement

T&C Site Services Ltd understands what it takes to be the best in the earthmover tyre industry. To maintain our high standards, expertise and deliver it to our customers, we must look ahead and understand the forces and trends in the ever- changing industrial landscape and prepare for what is to come. T&C understands that today is the time to prepare for tomorrow.

Our Mission

Our mission is enduring. It declares the purpose and standard to which we hold ourselves. T&C Site Services Ltd shall endeavour to provide our customers with the best products and services, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality. Chiefly, we shall:

Inspire confidence in our customers.

Create value that makes a difference in our operations.

Operate safely, ethically and within governance.


Our vision provides the model with which to deliver our aims and objectives.

Portfolio – source and deliver the most effective products and services to our customers. Anticipate the requirements of our customers and manage their expectations.

Productivity – be effective, agile and lean.

Partners – nurture sustainable partnerships that generate enduring value. Community – be responsible and operate legally and ethically.

Culture and Ethos

The culture of our company serves as a buoy to guide our day-to-day activities.

Leadership – courage and vision to inspire, create and develop a better future. Integrity – honesty and accountability.

Enthusiasm – to deliver the mission, in part and in whole.

Quality – when we strive to do something, we shall do it well.

Flexibility – to work efficiently and with urgency, remain responsive to review and constructive change.

Ownership – be accountable, for both action and inaction. Reward people for finding better ways to solve problems.


Delve deeper into our market to listen, observe and learn. Possess a national view while delivering local services. Make everyday about running the business well and within governance.