Large company capabilities - small company values


Service as a core value

Word-of-mouth has been instrumental to T&C Site Services Ltd success. Loyalty, dedication and integrity is important to all parties in business engagement, T&C recognise this in everything it does. The reputation that T&C currently enjoys has been well earned. Earthmover tyres has been a main focus for almost three decades and has brought about a deep understanding of the processes and procedures of the industry.

Service Lead – not sales lead

T&C understands the needs of customers. Our success is based on developing sustainable business partnerships; our expertise and experience assisting in maintaining efficient and effective operations. We know the value of sustainability. We offer bespoke solutions to unique organisations; a tailored approach to specific situations. T&C is independent, which affords us a degree of agility regarding business – we only have to satisfy our customers and that is the bottom line. Large company capability with small company values. You get to talk to real people, real experts that understand the industry and the tasks involved – technical to management.


Being independent means we can supply the most appropriate products for our customers; you get choice with expert recommendations!


Using the right products yields improved performance; we can help you get the most of your equipment and operations. We emphasise high quality, safety and value-for-money – it is how sustainable business is built.


Trust is important to us, establishing trust is complex. T&C simplifies this by making promises and keeping them. We promise to be safe; we operate and implement a comprehensive HSEQ policy. Our promises, and subsequently our success, is measurable – key performance indicators and service level agreements ensure you know what to expect. Our processes are visible, our performance is measurable; you can trust T&C to deliver!


Trust enables partnerships – we can do much more than get your vehicles operational, we can keep them operational and running efficiently and effectively. T&C offers a comprehensive range of services, maintenance and tyre management. Contact us to find out how we can enhance your operations.