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2014 Photos

Hillhead 2014 taken from the overlook.

Hillhead 2014 from the overlook. T&C’s stand is visible, bottom-left, by way of the big orange truck.

Hillhead 2014 1st Day Representatives

(L-R) Ant Quinn (Stoke-on-Trent), Gary Brierley (Regional Manager -South), Ant Smith (Peterborough), Derek Adams (Director), Jason Shorrock (Regional Manager – Central North), Trevor J Adams (Managing Director), Mike Leedham (Director Business Development), Ant Smith (Essex) and Chris Lee (Middlesbrough).

Admin Support Team at Hillhead 2014 Day 2.

Admin Support Team at Hillhead 2014 Day 2 (L-R) Kimberly Adams (Marketing), Christine Adams (Director), Julie Adams (Admin Manager), Melanie Soper (Transport Admin.) and Katie Adams (Admin Assistant).

Three visitors at Hillhead wished to be photographed with our showcase tyre.

These chaps wondered if they’d be on the web site. We’re happy to oblige.