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Appointed Titan UK Dealer

On Monday 29th of September, T&C Site Services Ltd was appointed as a new UK dealer for Titan Distribution UK Limited, a subsidiary of Titan International Inc.  Fitting nicely into our product portfolio this will allow our customers improved access to Titan’s industrial, construction and mining tyres.   Titan is unique as it is the only tyre manufacturer in the world focusing solely on off-the-road applications and this ensures its manufacturing capability is highly progressive producing premium quality tyres for its specialist markets.

Lindsay Hart, Titan European Sales Manager for OTR Tyres, said:

T&C Site Services has an excellent reputation and they were always my preferred choice to represent Titan in the UK, offering everything that we feel is important to Titan and this dealer role. The key factors for Titan are a solid product and industry knowledge along with the ability to provide tyre advice, tyre monitoring, tyre fitting and after service across the country. T&C offer the whole package and I am absolutely delighted that they decided to partner with Titan to promote and deliver our OTR tyre range. Lindsay Hart (Titan Distribution UK Limited)

The press release from Titan can be found on T&A tyrepress.


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