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Repair Services

We think that a tyre repair should be guaranteed and last the lifetime of a tyre under normal working conditions. A repair will maintain the value of your tyre. We offer two types of tyre repair:

  • Cold Cure On‐Site Repair
  • Vulcanised (Major) Repair at our main depot in Stoke‐on‐Trent

A cold cure on‐site repair is a guaranteed repair. It will be there at the end of the tyres working life as long as the machine is run under proper conditions. This type of repair maintains the value of the tyre.

We perform vulcanised repairs at our Stoke‐on‐Trent workshop. Vulcanised repairs offer a cost effective alternative to a replacement tyre. A major repair also helps to reduce the impact on the environment by extending tyre life.

T&C Site Services has a strict no‐plugging policy. We only plug tyres to move machines to a safe location so a repair may be performed. Plugging is triage, not a repair, and is deceptively poor value‐for‐money for your operation.