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We at T&C Site Services, the UK's leading Earthmover Tyre Specialist, are thrilled to unveil our carbon balancing scheme in collaboration with Carma.


Beyond reducing the carbon footprint of our OTR tyres, this initiative actively aids the rehabilitation of our armed service veterans using the proven therapeutic benefits of Nature Based Therapy (NBT).

Reducing Carbon Dioxide – The Tyre Industry’s Role


Carbon dioxide (CO₂) levels in our atmosphere are at alarming highs.

Since the industrial age, CO₂ levels have doubled, and predictions suggest that by 2030 the CO₂ levels will cause a global temperature increase of beyond 1.5°CSuch increases in CO₂ and global warming, bring challenges that impact us all.


The tyre industry has a part to play in this scenario, especially through manufacturing and the eventual use of tyres. OTR tyres, essential across many sectors, emphasise the necessity for companies like ours to lead in environmental responsibility.

Carbon balancing serves as a vital mechanism to counterbalance our carbon emissions.

Carbon balancing helps to stabilise and eventually reduce the overall CO₂ in our atmosphere.


Planting trees stands out as one of the most effective balancing measures since a mature tree, on average, will absorb up to 22 kg of carbon dioxide annually, releasing life-sustaining oxygen in return.


Trees not only combat climate change but also support biodiversity, reduce local temperatures, help prevent flooding and restore natural habitats. Additionally, trees have a long lifespan, with many living between three and four hundred years, offering centuries of environmental benefits.

Our Tyre Technician Team

Trevor Adams

Managing Director

Trevor Adams, Managing Director

Appointed Managing Director in 2018.

Steering the company as it evolves with an aim to increase value for customers with a focus on quality, technology, and communication.

Derek Adams

Operations Director

Derek Adams, Operations Director

Employed by our owners for 43 years.

Having the most talented management and fitting teams in the industry ensures directing operations is a pleasure.

Trevor Adams


Trevor J Adams, Found and Director

The ‘T’ in T&C.

Founder, owner, and one of the most experienced people in the industry. Boasting encyclopaedic knowledge, great business acumen, and steely resolve - Trevor Adams commands the greatest respect.

Christine Adams
Financial Director

Christine Adams, Financial Director

The ‘C’ in T&C.

Founder, owner, and the steady hand that grew our company over three decades. Possessed of stoicism and discipline, a steady and structured approach has fostered a solid foundation on which the company can thrive.

Julie Adams

Office Manager

Julie Adams, Office and HR Manager

Stalwart and steadfast in the best tradition of business administration.


Solid administration is the foundation of any great business and it is a pleasure to head an outstanding team of diligent support staff.

Gemma Bark

Health & Safety Manager

Gemma Bark, Health & Safety Manager

A positive agent for change for more than 5 years.

Integrating Health & Safety is an evergreen project that requires responsibility, collaboration, and an abundance of positivity. Bringing all that and more ensures our enviable Health & Safety track record.

Jason Bould

ICT Coordinator

Jason Bould, ICT Coordinator

ICT Coordinator since 2005.

Keyboard in one hand, camera in the other. Ensuring the company has the right tech in the right places along with high-quality digital media.

Tony Sibley

Transport Manager

Tony Sibley, Transport Manager.

Managing a national fleet of over 45 bespoke vehicles.

Ensuring that the business will always have the right vehicle to fit a wide range of service requirements.

Stevie Taylor

Operations Manager

Stevie Taylor, Operations Manager

Started as a tyre fitter in 2007 developing skills; leading to the role of Operations Manager.

Assisting the development of personnel and processes to maintain the highest standards across the OTR industry.

T&C Site Services partner with Carma

Carma is an environmental organisation dedicated to reducing the world's carbon emissions through tree planting.

In partnership with Carma, we're committed to a global tree-planting endeavour. Our goal is to balance 50% to 100% of the carbon footprint of our OTR tyres.


Alongside the environmental benefits, when we plant in the UK, our dedicated armed service veterans, many grappling with PTSD, will nurture these trees. Embracing the proven mental health benefits of Nature Based Therapy (NBT), we're excited to support our veterans.


For every new tyre our customers buy, we hope to plant up to 50 trees, thus amplifying our environmental and social impact.

How We're Doing

Join the Campaign

To our valued customers, we extend an invitation to amplify our efforts. With every tyre purchase, please consider contributing 50 trees to this cause.


Your involvement can help us plant even more trees, offering a twofold benefit: further carbon balancing and more opportunities for our veterans to reconnect and heal.


Together, let's tread towards a greener, better future.

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