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New tyres

We supply thousands of tyres each year to our customers giving us the buying power we need to get the very best terms from our suppliers - a benefit we pass on to you.

It also means that we have a huge stock of tyres of all sizes of treads available to you. Plus we distribute our stock across our eight national depots to ensure that our customers have local access to the stock of tyres they use the most.

And because we’re not tied to one tyre manufacturer you always have access to the best choice of tyre with the shortest lead time.

Our tyres carry the full manufacturer warranty or 5 YEARS from the date of manufacture.

Warranty Assured

We are fully authorised to carry out all warranty work on any of your tyres.

We can handle the entire claims process for you removing the stress and inconvenience of additional paperwork and lost time. We will remove and replace the faulty tyre, inspect it, provide the necessary photographic evidence, fill in the appropriate forms, submit it through the proper channels and chase the work to ensure you get the matter resolved quickly and efficiently. We take complete ownership of the claim for you from ‘fault to fix’.

And, if you bought the tyre from us we can trace the tyre back to its origin even if the details have been scrubbed from the tyre itself so you are always able to claim on the warranty.


The most important factor in your choice of tyre is lifespan.

Your tyre should work the maximum number of hours for the minimum tread loss. This gives you a longer lasting tyre and saves you money.

As an independent stockist of earthmover and OTR tyres, we are able to offer the widest selection coupled with expert advice so you can make the most economic choice for your business.

Making complex
choices simple

There are a number of complex variables that determine tyre life including; machine type, terrain, environment, the quantity of turning, tyre quality, tyre maintenance, and many more. When you choose to buy your tyres from us we help turn these variables into a simple, correct decision.

We remove the complexity by helping you make your choice from the real-life data in our tyre management system. This gives us actual performance data for over 30,000+ tyres working in different environments under a range of demands.

We also consider the plans you have for the machine which could influence your tyre choice. For example, if the machine is to be sold on, or will be spending time stood, in repair, etc.

We couple this with our 35 years company experience and the hundreds of years combined experience in our team to find you the most cost-effective tyre for your requirements

Remoulded tyres

Remoulds are both an economic and environmentally sustainable choice for your business as a typical remould of a premium brand tyre lasts up to 70% of its standard life expectancy. And when using premium brand casings can be remoulded up to three times.

Because remoulds are a fraction of the new tyre price they can represent a substantial saving to your overall annual tyre costs. We can even return the exact tyre to you after it has been remoulded should you wish - a useful facility if you know your tyre has been well looked after.

All our remoulds have been visually checked, x-rayed, undergone any corrective action to return the tyre to full working order and come with a 5-YEAR warranty.

Keeping you running through advanced prediction

When you buy your tyres from T&C Site Services we keep track of what you have bought. By combining your buying patterns with the buying patterns in your industry we are able to make predictions about what tyres may be needed and when. This ensures that you never spend more than you need on tyres each year.

Plus, we can store your tyres locally to your relevant machines at any one of our eight secure, controlled warehouse depots releasing valuable storage space on-site and leaving you free of security, health and safety or environmental concerns.

You may be surprised to learn that this facility is offered FREE of charge to our regular tyre customers - just one of the many benefits you gain when working with T&C Site Services.

Tyre hire - helping you go the extra mile

When your machines suffer a breakdown, use our tyre hire service to keep them operational whilst you wait for the repair or replacement.

We hold a huge range of part-worn tyres which we can swap onto your machines so they can continue running and keep your fleet at peak efficiency. It also saves you the hassle of having to keep tyre stocks on site, freeing up valuable working space.

Our tyre hire rates are a nominal flat fee so you don’t need to worry about how long it takes for your tyre to be repaired or replaced.

We stock all the major brands including:

“We promise if a problem occurs due to a defect in the tyre within 5 working days of fitting we will return and either repair the tyre or replace it for free.”

Part-worn tyres

Alongside our vast range of new tyres, we also have an extensive range of part-worn tyres ready to fit.


Part-worn tyres can be an excellent choice as a stop-gap or a means to ‘balance’ tyres on a machine to reduce call outs for tyre replacement or simply to make the most cost-effective choice at that time.

Our part-worn promise

When you choose a part-worn tyre from T&C Site Services

we underwrite that choice with two key assurances.

  1. Each tyre we fit has to pass our rigorous visual inspections.

  2. Every part-worn tyre is backed by our unique Part Worn Promise:

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