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Whether your equipment needs new tyres, a repair, re-tread, rotation or inspection you can rely on our technicians to get the job done, efficiently, safely and to the very highest standards.

We have the largest team of qualified tyre technicians in the UK on hand to provide you with dedicated support backed by our highly experienced management team.

When you choose T&C Site Services you choose a team with, literally, hundreds of years of combined experience in the industry. And in a high-risk and technical industry such as earthmover/OTR tyre fitting, experience is vital.

Watch one of our training videos

Below is one of the training videos we use to ensure the highest on-site standards of tyre maintenance. It shows the use of the “Wheel Bar™” - an innovation we created to facilitate the safe removal of wheels for cranes without tyre-handlers.

Setting the Industry Standards

In 2019 we co-developed the first and only nationally IMI-recognised independent qualification for technicians in our industry.

The Earthmovers/OTR Tyre Fitters course was a joint collaboration between Roadside Safety and Continental Tyres and was accredited by the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI).
We provided all the technical content, videos (including actors and equipment), workbook/handout content and consultancy.

The course content includes eight modules and is conducted over a three-day period at approved venues. The course comprises:

  1. Health and Safety including manual handling

  2. Tyre sizes, load and speed markings

  3. Tyre law

  4. Removal/refitting tyre safety

  5. Tyre/tube/removal/refitting

  6. Practical demonstrations

  7. Knowledge test

  8. Practical skills test

This is now the industry standard training for technicians. All T&C Site Services eligible staff have completed the training and are fully qualified.

We continue to be involved in updates to the course.

Our Tyre Technician Team

Trevor Adams

Managing Director

Trevor Adams, Managing Director

Appointed Managing Director in 2018.

Steering the company as it evolves with an aim to increase value for customers with a focus on quality, technology, and communication.

Derek Adams

Operations Director

Derek Adams, Operations Director

Employed by our owners for 43 years.

Having the most talented management and fitting teams in the industry ensures directing operations is a pleasure.

Trevor Adams


Trevor J Adams, Found and Director

The ‘T’ in T&C.

Founder, owner, and one of the most experienced people in the industry. Boasting encyclopaedic knowledge, great business acumen, and steely resolve - Trevor Adams commands the greatest respect.

Christine Adams
Financial Director

Christine Adams, Financial Director

The ‘C’ in T&C.

Founder, owner, and the steady hand that grew our company over three decades. Possessed of stoicism and discipline, a steady and structured approach has fostered a solid foundation on which the company can thrive.

Julie Adams

Office Manager

Julie Adams, Office and HR Manager

Stalwart and steadfast in the best tradition of business administration.


Solid administration is the foundation of any great business and it is a pleasure to head an outstanding team of diligent support staff.

Gemma Bark

Health & Safety Manager

Gemma Bark, Health & Safety Manager

A positive agent for change for more than 5 years.

Integrating Health & Safety is an evergreen project that requires responsibility, collaboration, and an abundance of positivity. Bringing all that and more ensures our enviable Health & Safety track record.

Jason Bould

ICT Coordinator

Jason Bould, ICT Coordinator

ICT Coordinator since 2005.

Keyboard in one hand, camera in the other. Ensuring the company has the right tech in the right places along with high-quality digital media.

Tony Sibley

Transport Manager

Tony Sibley, Transport Manager.

Managing a national fleet of over 45 bespoke vehicles.

Ensuring that the business will always have the right vehicle to fit a wide range of service requirements.

Stevie Taylor

Operations Manager

Stevie Taylor, Operations Manager

Started as a tyre fitter in 2007 developing skills; leading to the role of Operations Manager.

Assisting the development of personnel and processes to maintain the highest standards across the OTR industry.

Expert Fitters


Any vehicle which is taken out of use through a tyre issue reduces your production capability. This results in significant costs to your business which accumulate throughout any downtime.

Our fitters have the experience, skills and training to get you operational again quickly and with the minimum of fuss. Each technician has the knowledge to identify the correct and most economical solution to your tyre issue. Plus, our data capture systems provide additional confirmation of our on-site decisions providing you with the reassurance that the appropriate corrective action has been taken.

Each of our fitters has passed extensive training in order to qualify as a T&C Site Services technician.

All eligible technicians have passed IMI Earthmover/OTR/Industrial Tyre Fitting training

  • All technicians have HGV Driver Certificate of Professional Competence licenses

  • All technicians have been ALLMI Operator certified

  • All technicians have Quarry Passports (MPQC (Mineral Product Qualification Council) and SPA (Safety Pass Alliance) cards)

  • All solo fitters have at least one full year’s ‘in the field’ experience

  • All relevant technicians have qualified from the REMA Tip Top Vulcanised Tyre repair qualification.

  • All our fitters carry CSCS cards


Our team's industry experience extends beyond 200 years and coupled with our fitters’ extensive training guarantees that your vehicles will receive the very best level of care.

We operate to the highest standards within the industry - many of which we have set and others follow. Read on to discover how our training produces the best technicians in the industry.

Why we train our staff to such high standards

Making the right decision for your business.

Tyres are the most expensive consumable on your vehicles, so the fewer tyre changes the lower your costs and higher your profitability.

However, earthmover and OTR tyre management require significant technical and mechanical knowledge if your tyres are to have an extended lifespan and maximise their cost-efficiency.

All our technicians have the experience and training to make the best economic decision for the tyre without compromising the safety or efficiency of your workplace - ensuring you can safely maximise your production capability.

Making the right choice for you is the cornerstone of our training.

More than Health & Safety

Changing a tyre on an earthmover or OTR vehicle is inherently dangerous. Alongside the risks associated with heavy vehicles and tyres are high-pressure explosions, working on unstable surfaces, etc.

In addition, your earthmover and OTR vehicles are often in hazardous environments like quarries, construction, ports, etc. where safety is fundamental to carrying out the job.

Our continuous training and professional development of both technicians and management ensure that our work is guaranteed safe and correct. This is evidenced by our track record.

Quality is assured when you engage T&C Site Services.

Leading industry training

Our extensive training program provides the bedrock of our ability to deliver consistently the highest standards of work.

All eligible staff are IMI Earthmovers/OTR Tyre Fitter certified (the highest recognised qualification in the industry).

All junior technicians are required to complete and pass our internal 12-month modular training programme covering all aspects of earthmover and OTR tyre fitting before being allowed to perform solo work.

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