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A Unique Fleet

Every vehicle in our fleet is custom-built to efficiently and safely perform the task of manipulating, transporting and working on earthmover/OTR tyres.

Each of our vehicle customisations cost up to £250,000 and can include:

  • Modifications to the crane to enable the wheel to be ‘pushed’ into position (ordinary cranes can only lift). This reduces manual handling of the wheel to a minimum resulting in a quicker, safer job, reducing the downtime of your vehicle.

  • All our vehicles are fitted with remote crane controls that allow the free movement of our technicians giving them better visibility of the job so safety and job quality are never compromised.

  • All our vehicles have remote control hydraulic jacks allowing the technician to monitor the jack height and stability ensuring your vehicle is safely positioned. (All our jacks are made to our specification and rated to carry 25 tons.)

  • Where necessary we weight strip vehicles to ensure they are within governance and the legal curb side limits.

  • Our compressors are designed to deliver up to 145 PSI (10 bar) easily accommodating the highest pressure requirements of any earthmover/OTR tyre.

Many of our vehicles use JackSafe plastic blocks that are used as a failsafe should a jack suddenly decompress. These are appropriately load rated and interlock to offer further safety and stability. They replace wooden (oak) blocks which are prone to unpredictable splitting and are not load rated. We have designed each vehicle to only require one technician for almost every job. This reduces labour costs to you and shortens the job length - getting you back to work faster.

Our constant focus on engineering excellence and safety gives you access to the most technically sophisticated fleet of vehicles in the UK. It ensures you receive a high-quality job underwritten by purpose-built engineering.


When critical work needs to be undertaken on your earthmover/OTR machine tyres you can be assured that our fleet of specialist vehicles will get you operational again quickly and safely.

With over 46 vehicles each covering an average of 18,000 miles per year, we run the largest, best maintained and specified fleet of specialist earthmover /OTR tyre vehicles in the UK.

Each has been uniquely designed to handle the specific requirements for safely fitting tyres to your earthmover/OTR machines.


Step into the future of OTR tyre fitting with this video showcasing the upgraded features of our new vehicle. Its advanced crane technology and weight distribution solutions embody our commitment to delivering superior tyre fitting services to our customers.

Fleet of Foot

Our fleet of mixed vehicle sizes gives you the greatest flexibility when resolving your tyre issues.

Our HGV vehicles can handle the very largest wheel diameter and our smaller vehicles are perfect for working in tighter spaces and can usually get on site faster than HGVs.

Soon we will be introducing the Infinity Grabber™ which can be fitted to any vehicle and handles all wheel sizes enabling us to take almost any vehicle onto your site - getting the job done quickly, economically and safely.

Ready to Go

We have our own internal body and mechanical shop and staff to ensure that our entire fleet is always in perfect working order. We regularly perform safety inspections, services and maintenance on all our vehicles.

We also frequently update our fleet so we can enhance and upgrade our on-vehicle engineering to facilitate safer, faster more cost-effective work for you.

By maintaining our fleet internally we are able to reduce costs to you whilst simultaneously minimising any vehicle outages - assuring you of our availability to service your earthmover and OTR vehicles at any time.

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