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Marangoni Product Feature

60 Years On  

Back in the 1950’s Marangoni had already recognised the enormous advantages that retreaded tyres could represent not only for users but also for conserving the environment.  Over the last 60 years Marangoni has invested human resources, time, and money into achieving excellence across the entire retreading process.  The compounds, technology and machinery used are all made by the Group in-house, and are constantly tested and upgraded at the Marangoni Research and Development Centre.  The wide range of earthmoving tyres represents the synthesis of the intense product development work conducted in the field, with the aim to best satisfy our customers’ needs.  It is this business intuition that has led the Marangoni Group to be recognised as a world leader in retreading.

The Right Tyre for Every Application

The excellent results achieved by the company in the field of compounds are also the consequence of significant investments made by Marangoni into research and development.  A highly qualified team combines innovative capacity and technical skills when choosing the materials used.  Thanks to the careful selection and repair of the casing, and to the compounds and tread patterns used, the performance of Marangoni retreads are equivalent to new tyres of premium brands.  Testing durability and resistance to heating directly on the working surface verifies how well the compound withstands different conditions, from use in soft soil to extremely hard conditions.

Leadership Acquired in the Field  

Thanks to the know-how acquired in the field and to the technology used, Marangoni is currently a world leader in retreading.  Marangoni offer a vast product range for all applications, utilising their unique technology and excellent quality.

Marangoni Defends the Environment  

Mindful of the future for coming generations, Marangoni is committed to defending and protecting the environment by giving tyres longer lives through the retreading process.  Constantly committed to sustainable development, the Marangoni Group implements and promotes an array of activities and technologies for managing the entire life cycle of the tyre.  The company’s exclusive know how in this context is demonstrated by ISO 14001:2004 environmental certification.

5 Year Guarantee  

The guarantee covers Earth-Moving tyres retreaded by Marangoni, against any fault that may be attributed either to the manufacturing process or to the quality of the materials used.

A tyre returned under warranty will be inspected by Marangoni’s specialised technicians and if:

  • no more than 5 years have passed since the manufacture date;

  • no evidence of flaws is detected due to incorrect usage, impacts, sharp-edges objects;

  • the tyre has received regular maintenance.

Then, Marangoni will proceed:

  • to retread the tyre, if deemed possible


  • to credit the remaining value of the tyre.

Marangoni can make this commitment because of the implementation of high technical production standards that are internationally recognised and the exclusive usage of high quality materials.

Purchase Options

T&C keep a large selection of Marangoni products in our nationwide network of depots.  For more information on sizes and tread patterns available please contact your T&C service representative or use the online contact form.


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