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Tyre Safety Presentations

The danger of over inflating tyres is often underestimated. Over inflated tyres can even explode in extreme cases causing severe damage. More often tyres will only be susceptible to impact damage and centre wear.

Commercial Manager, Jason Shorrock, presented a Tyre Safety Talk to employees at Aggregate Industries – Hulands Quarry site.

The talk included specifics on how to spot tyre damage, where to stand while inflating tyres and a video showing how dangerous over inflating tyres can be. Andy Small, Quarry Operation Manager, said the talk was “Very worth while. I really appreciate your time and effort.”

Jason Shorrork has held talks previously at the request of Steve Rigby at Holme Park Quarry and Mike Hunter at Back Lane Quarry. The Hulands Quarry talk was the third at Aggregate Industries with more planned later this month.

If you would like to learn about tyre safety you might benefit from this presentation.  Get in touch today.


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