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Eddie Hall visits Head Office

Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall, is Britain’s Strongest Man for the 4th consecutive year and the only man to ever deadlift 500 kg (under strongman rules). He is also a local, born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, who is part of the the Protein Dynamix organisational team for Europe’s Strongest Man.  Hall visited our Head Office earlier in the month in search of the perfect tyres to use in the competition which will be held on Saturday, 1st of April 2017 in Leeds.  

You might be wondering ‘What make the perfect tyre?’.  Well, the tyres must be the correct height, weight and shape for strongman lifting and flipping. To determine this Hall lifted and shifted multiple sizes, brands and tread patterns to choose two Titan 750/65R25 STL3 to have on loan for the competition.

Each of these tyres weighs 280 kg or 617 lbs or 44 stone & 1 pound.  We use cranes to lift these tyres but the strongmen will only be using muscle.  It’s an impressive feat.

When asked ‘Why T&C?’  We are known among fitness community for earthmover tyres for training in Stoke and the surrounding area.  Many local gyms get in contact with us to acquire tyres for training and gym use.  

All of us at T&C Site Services wish you good luck on Saturday Eddie Hall.  May the tyres always flip in your favour!

Eddie Hall & Tyres


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