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Potters ‘Arf Marathon

Sunday June 10th, the team met up early on Sunday morning in Hanley town centre, Stoke-on-Trent for photos, before our first mixed, run/walk team event to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation. The ladies set off at 9:00 am in the walking event, with Mike and Jason starting their run at 10.30.

(L-R) Jason Shorrock, Michelle Shorrock, Kimberly Adams, Christine Adams, Melanie Soper and Mike Leedham upon completing the Potters ‘Arf Marathon.

The Potters ‘Arf is a very challenging course. The steep hills have gained the race infamy among the hundreds of other half-marathon slogs held across the country each year. If the seemingly never-ending climb of Anchor Road in Longton was not bad enough, the 1:4 gradient of Milton Road in Sneyd Green was introduced in the second year.

The 500 metre stretch at the 12-mile mark has a gradient so intimidating that some runners might be tempted to ask the families who line the street if they could borrow a ladder rather than rely on their running shoes to get them to the summit. But it was great to see the spectators lining the route, offering drinks and sweets to the runners and walkers.

Thanks to our supporters, we have managed to raise over £500 so far towards our £1000 target for 2012.


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