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Supporting A Level Photography at Penketh High

Jason Bould, ICT Coordinator at T&C Site Services, was invited to support a class of A-Level photography students at Penketh High School in Warrington. The aim of the workshop was to teach the students how to capture the moment two droplets of water collide using high speed photography techniques.

Jason, explained: “The workshop was a great success, the students captured some fantastic images, they learned a lot about how to photograph moments that occur in only a split second. I was very happy to share my enthusiasm for technology and support the school.”

Jason Bould (ICT Co-ordinator), Mark Billington (School Head of Digital Arts) and students of Photography at Penketh High, Warrington.

A demonstration of photographic capture of water droplet collision.

Given the technically demanding industry in which it operates, T&C Site Services values STEM skills and places great importance on supporting education and general awareness in the community. We shall look forward to doing more STEM activities in the future.


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